Component Workbenches

  • Storybook for React: UI component development environment for React.
  • React Styleguidist: Style guide generator & component workbench for React.
  • React Showroom: React based components catalog which provides you with markdown documentation and live examples
  • patternplate: A platform for pattern and component library development using React.
  • UiZoo.js: Auto-generated component development environment by the JSDoc of React components.
  • Neutrino React components preset: Create generic React components and preview them without the need to embed in an application. Plays nicely with other Neutrino middleware, so you can build, test, and publish multiple React components from a single repository.
  • React Cosmos: Dev tool for creating reusable React components. It scans your project for components and enables you to: render components in different states, mock dependencies (API, localStorage, etc.), see app state evolve in real time.
  • Bit: Isolate and share components from existing projects to make them available to install in other projects while tracking changes across projects. It helps save the overhead of keeping components in separate repositories.